In accordance with the editing policy of Redia, the Editorial Board is composed of

an Editor-in-Chief, of two associate Editors and of an Editorial Board including

42 eminent scientists, in the above mentioned research fields, from all over

the world.


The received papers which are considered in conformity with the aims of the

journal, will be examined by the most qualified components of the editorial

board plus two external anonymous referees; then, papers have to be

approved by the Editors.


A guide for Authors is given at the end of each volume.

The list of the components of the Editorial Body of Redia is the following:



1) Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Pio Federico Roversi

Research Centre for Plant Protection and Certification  (CREA-DC), Firenze ,ITALY


2) Associate Editors

Dr. Roberto Nannelli
Research Centre for Plant Protection and Certification (CREA-DC), Firenze ,ITALY
Dr. Sauro Simoni
Research Centre for Plant Protection and Certification  (CREA-DC), Firenze ,ITALY


3) Editorial Board

Ramon Albajes
Lleida, Spain

Miguel Angel Altieri
Berkeley, USA

Sebastiano Barbagallo
Catania, Italy

Andrea Binazzi
Firenze, Italy

Stefano Colazza
Palermo, Italy

Piero Cravedi
Piacenza, Italy

Renato Crozzoli
Maracay, Venezuela

Romano Dallai
Siena, Italy

Enrico de Lillo

Bari, Italy

Colin Favret

Montréal, Canada

Ignazio Floris
Sassari, Italy

Giacinto Germinara
Foggia, Italy

Andrew Paul Gutierrez
Berkeley, USA

Keith M. Harris
Ripley, Woking, England

Sherif Hassan
Darmstat, Germany

Axel Hausmann
München, Germany

Claudio Ioriatti
S. Michele all’Adige, Italy

Natsumi Kanzaki
Tsukuba, Japan

Gerrit Karssen
Wageningen, Netherland

Pavel Klimov
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Albrecht M. Koppenhöfer
New Brunswick, USA

Serge Kreiter
Montpellier, France

Hervé Jactel
Cestas, France

Mariusz Lewandowski
Warszawa, Poland

Francois Lieutier
Orleans, France

Evert E. Lindquist
Ottawa, Canada

Pietro Luciano
Sassari, Italy

Manuel Mota
Evora, Portugal

Juan Nieto Nafria
Leon, Spain

Eric Palevsky
Ramat Yishay, Israel

Francesco Pennacchio
Napoli, Italy

Alain Roques
Ardon - Orleans, France

Agatino Russo
Catania, Italy

Peter Schausberger
Vienna, Austria

Stephan Scheurer
Berlin, Germany

Thomas Schröder
Braunschweig, Germany

Ward Strong
Veron, Canada

Eustachio Tarasco
Bari, Italy

Stefano Turillazzi
Firenze, Italy

Kees van Frankenhuyzen
Sault Ste. Marie, Canada

Claire Villemant
Paris, France

Bradleigh Vinson
Tamu, USA



CREA-DC Research Centre for Plant Protection and Certification


CREA Agricultural Research Council


MIPAAF Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry