Articles should be new scientific contributions not previously published.

Papers are accepted in English.

Papers should be sent to:Redazione di Redia, c/o Research Centre for

Agrobiology and Pedology (ABP) , via Lanciola, 12/a - 50125 Firenze,


Papers which do not conform to the aims of the journal will be  returned

to the Authors. Articles considered suitable will be examined  by the

Editorial Board and by two anonymous Referées.

Once accepted the paper will be considered final and no changes may

be made by the Author. However, the contributions are the responsability

of Author.


Papers accepted become the copyright of the journal © - Research

Centre for Agrobiology and Pedology (ABP).

Authors are asked to pay close attention to the instructions below

concerning preparation of the manuscript: manuscripts that do not

conform to these instructions will be returned.

Texts for publication should be typewritten on one side of the paper,

with  amargin of a least 3 cm on all four sides, and double-spaced.


The text should not contain editorial indications but be presented in

the following order:


Name of Author (Authors) (name and surname in block capitals).

Title, informative but concise (in block capitals, with species in italic


Abstracts in English with English translation of title.

Key words in English, maximum 5 words, integrating the information given

in the title.

Institution of the Author (Authors), any relevant notes on financial

contributions, the part played by the different Authors, should be indicated

in a footnote on the first page.

Text with clear indication of the beginning and the end of each chapter.

– References should be indicated as follows: (RAMARKERS, 1983) or RAMARKERS

(1983); (RIOM and GERBINOT, 1977) or DEUBERT & RHODE (1971);

(ROBERTSON et al., 1989).



Bibliographical references as in the following examples:


DALLAI R., 1975 – Fine structure of the spermatheca of Apis mellifera. - J. Insect

Physiol., 21: 89-109.

WALLWORK J.A., 1967 – Acari. In: Soil Biology, Burgers A. & Raw F. Ed.,

Academic Press, London, New York, pp. 365-395.

HILL D.S., 1987 – Agricultural insect pests of the tropics and their control.

Cambridge University Press, XII+746 pp.

NORDLUND D.A., JONES R.L., LEWIS W.J. (Eds.), 1981 – Semiochemical: their role

in Pest control. Wiley, N.Y., 850 pp.


Authors are advised to refer to the World List of Scientific Periodical for

the abbreviations of journals.


Plates and illustrations: the format of the journal (16.5×24.5 cm) should

be borne in mind, and illustrations should be of such a size as to allow a

65% reduction.Plates and illustrations, together with their relevant captions,

should be indicated in Roman numerals (e.g. Fig. I, Plate I, etc.); illustrations

in the text composed of more than one drawing or photograph should always

be numered from 1 (e.g. Fig. I, 1, 2, 3, etc., Plate II, 1, 2, 3; ...); while tables

should use Arabic numerals (e.g. Table 1, etc.). The Author may propose the

reduction or enlargement of the original illustrations so that they fit the format.

Captions are to be written on a separate page with precise references to the

illustration. Maximum 5 figs. or tabs free. Colour figures or plates may be

included at the Author’s expense.


Manuscript submission. The manuscripts should be submitted in electronic

form in addition to a hard-copy printout. The preferred storage medium

foryour electronic manuscript is a 3 1/2 inch diskette or CD. Please label

your diskette or CD properly, giving exact details on the name(s) of the

file(s), the operating system and software used. Always save your electronic

manuscript in the word processor format that you use; conversions to other

formats and versions tend to be imperfect. In general, use as few formatting

codes as possible. For Safety’s sake, you should always retain a backup

copy of your file(s). After acceptance, please make absolutely sure that you

send the latest (i.e., revised) version of your manuscript, both as hard-copy

printout and on diskette.

Submission of a manuscript implies:that the work described has not been

published before; that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere

else; that its publication has been approved by all co-authors, if any, as well

as by the responsible authorities, tacitly or explicitly, at the institute where

the work has been carried out. The publisher will not be helde legally

responsible should there be any claims for compensation.

Figures. Submission of electronic figures. In addition to hard-copy

printouts of figures, authors are encouraged to supply the electronic

versions of figures in either Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) or TIFF

format. Many other formats, e.g., Microsoft Postscript, PiCT

(Macintosh) and WMF (Windows), cannot be used and the hard copy

will be scanned instead.

Figures should be saved in separate files without their captions,

which should be included with the text of the article. Files should be

named according to DOS conventions, e.g. «figure I.eps». For vector

graphics EPS in the preferred format. Lines should not be thinner than

0.25pts and in-fill patterns and screens should have a density of at

least 10%. For bitmapped graphics, TIFF is the preferred format but

EPS is also acceptable. The following resolutions are optimal:

black-and- white line figures – 600-1200 dpi; line figures with some

grey or coloured line – 600 dpi; photographs – 300 dpi; screen

dumps – leave as is. Higher resolutions will not improve output quality

but will only increase file size, which may cause problems with printing;

lower resolutions may compromise output quality. Please try to provide

artwork that approximately fits within the typeset area of the journal.

Especially screened originals, i.e. originals with grey areas, may suffer

badly from reduction by more than 10-15%.


Permission. Authors wishing to include figures, tables, or text passages

that have already published elsewhere are required to obtain permission

from the copyright owner (s) and to include evidence that such permission

has been granted when submitting their papers. Any material received

without such evidence will be assumed to originate from the authors.


The Author must be willing to revise and return the proofs within 15 days.

Special requests of photocopying or reproducing should be addressed

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