At present, Redia is published by the Research Centre for Plant Protection
and Certification (DC) of the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA), under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture.
CREA Council is a National Research Organization with scientific expertise in agriculture, agro-industry, food, fisheries and forestry. Papers accepted become the copyright of the journal.
The DC Centre joins the former “Experimental Institute for Agricultural Zoology” (ISZA) and the former Experimental Institute for the Soil Study and Protection (ISSDS).
Redia , published by the former ISZA, is concerned especially in fundamental
studies on taxonomy and bio-ecology of invertebrate pests and their natural
enemies in agricultural and forest ecosystems as well as in applied researches
on methods of preventing and controlling the infestations of those organisms.
Redia is covered by Abstracts of Entomology, Zoological Record, Review
of Agricultural Entomology, Review of Medical and Veterinary Entomology.


CREA-DC Research Centre for Plant Protection and Certification


CREA Agricultural Research Council


MIPAAF Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry