Redia supports its long history of basic and applied research in entomology and


invertebrate zoology in the field of crop and forest tree protection responding


at the same time to the increasing need of innovation and technological





The Editors will continue to give attention to fundamental studies on taxonomy


and biology of insects, mite and nematodes in agricultural and forest


ecosystems, also by means of the molecular biology (biosystematics), and to


accept works on the applied research to prevent and control the pest


infestations  including biological control and biotechnologies.



Generally speaking, within its scope, the journal is aimed to give information


on studies and researches on basic and applied zoology and entomology in the


field of the crop and forest protection, in the frame of an international and


interdisciplinary scientific system.



At the same time, to give by the journal also practical information to the field


operators in agriculture and forests is one of the most remarkable and


demanded purposes.



CREA-DC Research Centre for Plant Protection and Certification


CREA Agricultural Research Council


MIPAAF Italian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry